As an entrepreneur, you know that you need capital to realize your dreams and that getting funded is not easy. It takes more than a good idea and some market success. It takes the right business plan and the right team connecting with the right venture firm at the right time.

Venture firms are smart, tough and discriminating. They demand a well conceived business plan, a bankable team and a realistic perspective around touchy issues such as control and valuation. Further, the process is complex, confusing and time consuming.

This is why we created The Preserve Capital Group. We are venture capitalists and CEO’s. We understand the funding process. We have founded, funded, operated and sold our own businesses. And, we have helped entrepreneurs like you create compelling business plans, recruit bankable teams and structure and raise capital.

If you have a consumer-facing business in the natural, organic, or sustainable space that needs growth capital please give us a call. Maybe we can help you realize your dreams.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Preserve Capital walks the talk. They helped us refine our plan and raise the next round of financing. I am not sure where we would be without them.”

- Tim O’Shea, Founder and CEO, CleanFish, Inc.

“We were not making sufficient headway with our fund raising until we engaged Preserve Capital. They reworked our business model, headed up presentations to investor groups and secured the commitments to fund Wild Planet. They are an invaluable resource.”

- Bill Carvalho, Founder and President, Wild Planet