Are You A Fit?

Does your company fit with Preserve Capital?

Industry Focus

Preserve Capital works exclusively with consumer facing companies that are good for us and our planet. This includes manufacturers, distributors and retailers of goods and services.

Company Stage

We work with companies that are transitioning from friends and family funded ventures to venture backed companies.

Company Characteristics

We work with high potential entrepreneurs that have developed differentiated and defensible, premium brands or services.

Revenue can be less than $1 million to as high as $10 million. Revenue potential must be in the $30+ million range.

Management must have a realistic perspective of the strengths and weaknesses of their team, a commitment to fill resource gaps with outside personnel and a willingness to partner with outside investors.

Most importantly, Preserve Capital must believe in your company and your management because we personally invest in every one of our companies.

Funding Need

The companies that we work with are typically in need of $2 - 6 million of capital.