Our Services

Securing funding for your company starts with preparing your company for funding. That means having the right plan and the right team and getting in front of the right investors.

We are venture capitalists so we know what VC's are looking for. We know what they look for in a business model. We know how they assess a management team. And we understand valuation analysis, term sheets and the entire funding process.

Venture firms and private investors respect us because we have a solid investing track record and we invest alongside them in every one of our companies.

Funding Preparation

Getting funded is all about preparation. Too often we see good companies go unfunded because the preparation was inadequate or misdirected - the wrong business model or an inability to articulate the business model, a management team with critical gaps or unrealistic expectations on control and valuation.

This will not happen to you if you work with us. We will help you get your business model right. We will be candid with you on whether your management team is bankable and if it's not we will help you fill the gaps. We will even help you write the plan so that it properly articulates your value proposition, economic model, critical milestones and financial projections.


Fund raising is about access to an investor network. Our investor network knows us and respects us. They know that when we present an opportunity that it has been vetted and that we are backing it with our own capital.

We manage the overall fund raising process through to close and provide coaching assistance.


Our compensation is based entirely upon securing capital for your company. We do not charge upfront fees or retainers.

Our compensation is a combination of fees and equity that is based upon the amount of time and effort during funding preparation and the amount of capital raised.

All of our companies enter into exclusive arrangements with us.

Post-Closing Assistance

Some of our companies and investors retain our services post-closing as directors, advisors or part-time executives. These arrangements are entirely at the discretion of the company and its investors and are independent of the fund raising process.